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Prefab model 1/35 tank Leclerc T5/T6 Starter kit Heller 57142

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SKU: HEL57142
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Scale 1/35
Type MBT
Period 1990-The present
Country France
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Prefab model 1/35 tank Leclerc T5/T6 Starter kit Heller 57142 The Leclerc, the main combat vehicle, is designed around three main principles: mobility, firepower and protection with additional communication. Manned by a crew of three (commander, gunner, driver) and capable of withstanding the most intense assaults in heavy combat, as well as dealing with the most difficult targets, it can perform all missions normally reserved for armored units. , regardless of the environment (nuclear, bacteriological and chemical protection) or the type and form of involvement. Its very compact size certainly contributes to its safety. It is protected by a very strong armor structure, components that are added as needed (evolutionary protection), and electronic countermeasures. Its power unit with a capacity of 1500 hp. provides him with high mobility on rough terrain (40 to 50 km/h on average) and a maximum speed of 70 km/h. It has a range of 500 to 650 km thanks to 1300 L fuel tanks and disposable 400 L additional fuel tanks.
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